Sunday, February 12, 2012

Veggie Style

On January I posted this post where I'm wondering about the little thing in life that make me happy. When I discovered this site, I wanted to post something similar regarding vegetarism. (Yes, I am a vegetarian.)

I picked few perks from the site, that I agree with:
I do love this! Every time my boyfriend loves the veggie food I've made I'm so happy! And happier I get when he says "can we cook that delicious (insert some veggie food here) again?" :)
Well, no the best friends, but always when I meet a fellow vegetarian in a group where others eat meat it's like we have more in common than the other people :D Maybe it's because it's nice to have some one who knows what you're talking about when for example evaluating best fast food places (not so many for vegetarians :D).
That's great side effect, isn't it?

This is a photo/picture b log and I'm trying to limit my writing but couldn't keep not doing this entry.. :)

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