Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm able to deal with anything

This is for me to remember what I wanna be, should be and what I'm able to become and what life is about.
(C) amf8

~~~ romance, good fortune, happy marriage, female fertility, beauty, peace, cure for love and romance, daring and risk taking, each day may be the last

strength, honor, stability, patience, able to deal with any obstacle we are faced with, responsibility, determination and loyalty, advanced sensitivity

celebration of life, hope and joy, taking note of everything that's around, a love charm, appreciating each moment

feminine beauty, sexuality, symbol of love, transience of life ~~~

It's not ready yet, but I wanted to show it.
This is very special for me, please do not copy my tattoo!
(Tattoo by Säde Sonck, Unique Art)


  1. kaaaaunis, kuva ja teksti :) wau!

  2. Minna, kiitos! Oli muuten vähän hankalaa saada otettua edes jotenkuten säädyllistä kuvaa paljaasta reidestä :D

  3. No, ei ainakaan kuvasta huomaa että olisi ollut vaikeaa, onnistuit kyllä oikein hyvin :)